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I love bamboo. If bamboo strikes a chord with you too, read on.

Bamboo enthralls me with its gracefulness, vitality, wide variety of leaf shapes and patterns, and majestic cane forms and markings. It is this last feature that led me to make pens and pencils from bamboo. I noticed that whenever bamboo wood was used in crafted utensils, the maker removed the most beautiful and engaging part of the cane, the epidermis or bark. The epidermis was part of what drew me to bamboo. So I decided to try making writing instruments that emphasized that facet of bamboo. The items displayed here are the unique results of those efforts.

Except for sealant on the shaped areas, the surface of the pen or pencil is as it was in nature. The epidermis has been aged but is otherwise untreated. This makes the pen particularly comfortable to hold and to write with. If you have ever held bamboo in your hand, you know what I mean. The more you handle it, the more your natural skin oils burnish and improve the wood.




Made from Your Bamboo