CKArt T-shirts

These T-shirts are based on photographs of actual specimens.
This gives you a unique opportunity to wear a marvel of nature!
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The images are silkscreened by a highly skilled artisan on Haines Beefy T® T-shirts. These are high quality T-shirts that provide the ultimate in style and comfort. (Once you've worn a Beefy T®, you'll never be satisfied with any T-shirt of lesser quality!)

Discounts for Quantity!

3 to 9: 5%
10 or More: 10%

USPS Priority Mail or International Air Mail

Delivery in about three days in the US and about a week in Canada and the rest of the World.

United States
and Canada
The rest of
the World
1st item$5.75$9.00
each item
2nd thru last

Now on to the T-shirts!

credit cards accepted with PayPal

credit cards accepted with PayPal

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When you receive your T-shirt, turn it inside out and wash it at least once by itself before wearing it or washing it with other clothes.
If you select a size that is not in stock, you will be informed when the T-shirt is available for shipment. If this is more than six weeks, your payment will be refunded in total, if that is what you want.

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